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KIM1 Module BY Kinéis

KIM1 is a low-power transmitter module based on ARGOS-2 waveforms and fully certified by Kinéis and the French Space Agency (CNES). It enables communication with all the ARGOS/Kinéis polar satellites to provide satellite connectivity, data collection and Doppler localization (GPS-free) for IoT devices. The use of ARGOS-RF signals and protocols ensures very low power consumption and a global coverage.

The module is specially designed for ease of use, to shorten development time and speed up time to market. The advanced command interface (AT command), as well as available GPIOs ensures that designers can quickly and easily integrate their end devices into the Kinéis network.

A KIM1 Shield board is available to ease integration.

The KIM1 module is an ARGOS-2 Transmitter; it enables sending data payload of up to 31 Bytes of useful data per message to one of the ARGOS/Kinéis satellites. The module will receive AT command indicating the message payload and the module will do the RF signal modulation processing to send the data to the satellite. To do this, the main functions of the KIM1 module are the voltage regulation, the clock at 16.39MHz, the MCU DSP (RF chipset), filters and amplifiers.

block diagram
KIM1 block diagram
technical specifications
KIM1 technical specifications

*: please refer to ARGOS/Kinéis System Specifications to choose the suitable frequency band(s) compatible with ARGOS-2 BPSK transmissions within this frequency range.

**: use of a stabilized power supply (5V,2A) is recommended; if a boost converter is needed, we recommend the TPS61236P from Texas Instruments or equivalent.