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Our References

Global Observation Programs & Institutional Partners

For 30+ years CLS has provided expert satellite services to the meteorological & oceanographic communities. CLS is therefore a key partner of all main international in-situ observation programs and coordinating bodies:

They trust CLS

CLS has built strong historical collaborations with hundreds of ocean institutes and research centers worldwide. Here is a selection of historical CLS users:

Space Agencies Collaborations

CLS, operator of satellite systems & expert in satellite based services, CLS is a key partner of Space agencies invovlved in environmental monitoring, through collaborations, projects lead, consultancy work and common strategies.

Reference projects

CLS is part of the MELOA consortium, a Horizon 2020 project funded by the European Commission, led by DEIMOS. This 4-year project aims at developping small, low-cost drifters called “WAVY” that measure wave parameters in addition to standard variables (curents, SST, P). CLS is in charge of the ARGOS-4 module development and integration in the WAVYs, as well as the overall satellite telemetry services for the project.

CLS is in charge of the MULTI-OBS TAC of the Copernicus Marine Service, operated by Mercator Ocean, and managed by the European Commission. CLS aggregates, processes and validates thousands of in-situ and satellite oceanographic data daily, that are subsequently fed into the Copernicus Marine Data Portal, also managed by CLS.

CLS leads the TRUSTED project, EUMETSAT / Copernicus project, aiming at developping 150 SVP-B drifters, fitted with HRSST sensors, in order to provide fiducial reference measurements that will be used to calibrate and validate Sentinel Satellite measureemnts.

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CLS is a world leader in altimetry & oceanographic data processing and products delivery. In addition, CLS has expertise in hydrology, sea ice detection, and many other scientific fields.

CLS employs 80 oceanographers, working for European and Space agencies projects, providing data processing, and in-situ /satellite data intercomparision for Calibration and Validation activities.

CLS is also calibrating and validating data from ARGO profiling floats thanks to altimetric data.

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Interested in DATA?

CLS aggregates, processes and validates a huge amount of in-situ, remote sensing and model data, thanks to its activities in various european projects.

CLS has therefore an incredible catalog and range of data that can be useful for research and operational purposes.