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Argos System

Argos is a unique worldwide location and data collection system dedicated to studying and protecting the environment.

Argos is a pioneer satellite-based system which has been operating since 1978. The Argos system collects data from Platform Terminal Transmitters, PTTs, and distributes sensor and location data to the final users. Argos helps the scientific community to better monitor and understand our environment, but also enables industry to comply with environmental protection regulations implemented by various governments.

To meet system use requirements, all programs using Argos have to be related in some way or other to environmental protection, awareness or study, or to protecting human life. Applications for which there is a clear governmental interest are also approved.

icon antenna

22,000 active transmitters per month

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8,000 animals tagged and tracked

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100 user countries in the world

The Argos system consists of:

  • A constellation of low Earth orbit (LEO), polar-orbiting satellites
  • A global network of terrestrial receiving stations
  • Two data processing centers for continuous, round-the-clock operations

The Argos system allows any mobile object equipped with a compatible transmitter:

  • To be located by Doppler locations across the world,
  • To send data from measurement sensors connected to the transmitter.

The Argos system is the worldwide reference for both location and data collection. It is a very simple and robust system.

Argos system overview

Advantages of Argos satellite telemetry:

  • Worldwide coverage
  • Robust security solutions to protect data and IT infrastructures
  • Low power transmission power for optimized consumption
  • Miniaturized transmitters (less than 5 grams)
  • GPS-free positionning
  • Data processing certified by quality controls
  • Data archiving and several options for data distribution
  • World-renowned customer services
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7 satellites

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60+ ground stations