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IRIDIUM® Airtime

CLS provides a range of Iridium airtime solutions, including SBD, RUDICS, CSD and CERTUS protocols. We can advise you on the best airtime solution based on your application. In addition, CLS provides special processing services for environmental applications. Contact us for more information on cost-effective data services for you, including VOICE services.

Iridium Short Burst Data (SBD) Service is an efficient network protocol designed for shorter sized data messages. SBD uses a proprietary network protocol to transfer data messages to and from the remote terminal. It is possible to send Mobile Originated (MO-SBD) and Mobile Terminated (MT-SBD) messages.

The Iridium Router-based Unrestricted Digital Interworking Connectivity Solution (RUDICS) is an enhanced gateway termination/origination capability for circuit-switched data calls across the Iridium satellite network. RUDICS is a data service designed to be incorporated into an integrated data solution such as remote asset monitoring, control and data file transfer.

The Circuit Switched Data (CSD) Service supports the transfer of relatively large data volumes (tens of kilobytes) using the Iridium dial-up capability. The Iridium Data Module (IDM) places a call to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) or to another IDM then exchanges the data through that open circuit at approximately 2400 bits per second.

Iridium Pilot is a global broadband maritime communication solution, providing broadband Internet data (up to 134 Kbps) and high-quality voice (up to 3 simultaneous phone calls), in one low-cost platform.

CLS Iridium Voice & SMS services are designed to meet the needs of customers using Iridium satellite phones. With a unique pay-as-you-go price plan, CLS offers the convenience of Iridium’s reliable everywhere voice and data communication, without the need to be concerned about a prepaid account expiring or having a low balance.

Iridium GO! is a reliable global connection for voice calling & text messaging using your own smartphone or tablet, as well as enhanced data capabilities to meet the unique needs of all users. Iridium GO! provides voice, text & data capabilities through optimized apps, on up to 5 mobile devices. The plans and rates described below are exclusively dedicated to Iridium GO! devices.

iridium certus logoWith speed capabilities ranging from 22 Kbps (uplink) to 704 Kbps (downlink), Iridium Certus offers the highest speed, weather-resilient L-band connectivity and only truly global mobile satellite service on the market. Iridium Certus is a flexible, evolving platform that provides a combination of devices and service speeds to match customer needs.

MyData Portal

My DATA Screen Capture

CLS provides access to the MyData web portal to all clients subscribing to CLS Iridium services. Track your airtime, verify transmission during the testing process and more – via our user-friendly online interface.