Services – Oceanography Consultancy

MetOcean Analysis

Reliable data about the ocean environment are critical for oceanographic campaigns and other operations at sea. With 100 in-house oceanographers and 25 years as a recognized international expert, our metocean analyses provide essential information on oceanography and marine meteorology.

CLS uses a state-of-the-art worldwide database containing up to 25 years ocean data to carry out flash or detailed studies describing ocean environment, as per client needs, based on literature, CLS datastore data and CLS oceanographers’ expertise:

  • Extreme events study: statistical values provided in tables including, quantiles, standard deviation, etc.
  • Spatial variability study: carried out using ocean environment maps on specific areas provided in image, table or movie format.
  • Seasonal variability study: assessment of best season for operations provided in statistical tables and diagrams by month and by year.
  • Ocean Eddies study: statistical results (map format) on the detection of fronts and eddies, eddies’ intensity, frequency, radius, etc.


Reports, tables, image formats, animated files,  web reports, web platforms