Satellite Services for Marine & Shipborne
Automatic Weather Stations (AWS)

CLS offers a dedicated data transmission service package for Marine Automatic Weather Stations (AWS), developped in close collaboration with AWS manufacturers. With 30+ years of experience in the field of satellite telemetry and positionning services, for both oceanographic and meteorological applications, CLS is the partner of choice for operational data transmission and processing needs.

CLS Airtime Service

IRIDIUM SBD telemetry service for marine AWS stations


  • Raw data sent in real-time by email to the user (up to 4 recipients)
  • CLS dedicated customer service
  • The guarantee of 24/7 backed-up and monitored systems

CLS Extra Services Package

CLS dedicated real-time services for marine AWS data

  • Real-time data and positions decoding
  • GTS processing & insertion
  • Decoded data display & download via Web-portal
  • Web-maping interface with display of the positions (20 last days)
  • Automatic data distribution via FTP or email
  • Customized alerts (geofencing, sensor value) sent by email / SMS
  • Data archiving & back-up

Iridium logo

CLS is a 100% certified Iridium Value Added Reseller, and global leader in satellite telemetry services.

STERELA and EUMETNET (European Meteorological Services Network) logos


CLS Service are 100% compatible with Sterela NEPTUNE Automatic Weather Station (EUCAWS project developped in cooperation with EUMETNET).

Voluntary Observing Ship Scheme logo

CLS services have been developped to cover the needs of the Voluntary Observing Ship Scheme members.