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ARGOS Products


Linkit UnderWater

Re-chargeable by induction and designed with respect to the environment, Linkit-UW ® can be adapted to all oceanographic platforms. Once connected, your instruments are tracked, easy to recover and the risk of loss is reduced.

Once deployed at sea it will trun to sleep mode while underwater and detect Surfacing event to start GPS acquisition and Transmit the postion to Argos Constellation.

Surface Detection is done via a Dry/Wet sensor and a complementary GPS satellite presence detection. This will ensure that even with Bio-fooling and Years on sea floor the Linkit will be able to detect Surfacing.

Retriving your oceanographic platforms will be very easy using the CLS Platform Finder, decoding Linkit coordinate upon message reception it will display the heading and distance to unit.

Download the GenTracker App to Configure your Linkit + Visualize your data:

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  • Position Monitoring
  • Cost effective
  • Long battery Life
  • Resistant
  • Dedicated expert support team
  • Alerts
  • Easy to use
  • Reuseable, Rechargeable
  • Robust
  • 24/7 Operational Center
ARGOS TX output power: 350mW to 1.5W
Rx for satellite pass prediction
ANTENNA Argos: whip memory wire (21cm)
GNSS: Internal ceramic patch
Measures: 12×4.2×2.2 cm
Weighs: 140g
Withstands temperatures from -20°C-50°C
Water resistance: IPX8
Depth resistance: -1,500m
Position acquisition can be programmed for every: 10,15 or 30 minutes
1, 2, 6, 12 or 24 hours
Argos doppler positioning available
CONFIGURATION Configurable via bluetooth with the GenTracker app (iOS/Android)
CONSUMPTION Argos TX (<1sec burst): 400mA
GNSS RX ZOE-M8: 27mA/30sec
Sleep mode: 0;037mA
POWER SOURCE Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer battery (2200mAh)