ARGOS Products

MARGE/T drifter


Monitoring moored buoys or tracking oil slicks is an easy job with the Argos-GPS MAR-GE/T tracker. Compact and flexible, this drifting buoy integrates a GPS data logger and can report up to 96 accurate positions daily. Robust and very easy to install, the device offers a long autonomy and simple maintenance.

  • Easy to use and self-contained
  • Floatable: designed to drift
  • Global satellite coverage (ARGOS)
  • High Autonomy*:
    > up to 450 days in operation
    > more than 5 years in storage
  • Compatible with ArgosWeb Mapping interface for drifting monitoring
  • Compatible with ARGOS Geofencing services (incl. alerts)
  • Built-in GPS receiver for accurate positionning
  • Extra ARGOS positionning (incl. speed and heading)
  • LED indicator for operations control
  • Robust all-in-one design for marine environment
  • Configurable GPS acquisitions & transmission rates, etc.
Scheme Marge/t
Scheme Marge/t
Mechanical specs. Diameter (max.)
134 mm
280 mm
1.0 to 1.3 Kg (depends on the battery type)
Operating Temperature
Storage Temperature
Water Resistance
-20 °C to +50 °C
-25 °C to +70 °C
IP67 Certified (immersion up to 1m)
Power Rechargeable batteries
Non-rechargeable batteries
NiMH 4.5 Ah
Lithium 26 Ah or 38 Ah
Autonomy Storage
In Operation
Performances depend on ARGOS
transmission settings
> 5 years in optimal conditions (5-30°C)
NiMH 4.5 Ah ……………….30 days
Lithium 26 Ah …………….. 150 to 250 days
Lithium 38 Ah …………….. 250 to 450 days
Estimates based on GPS acquisition: 1fix/h
Satellite System
Transmission Period
30 to 240 s (configurable by CLS)
RF specs. Transmitter type
Output RF Power
Output Frequency
CNES certified ARGOS Transmitter
32 dBm (1.5W)
401.650 MHz ± 30 kHz
GPS Receiver type
Acquisition period
Fastrax IT500
15 / 30 / 60 min
1 to 100 m (configurable by CLS)
Deployment From Vessel
Air-borne (helicopter)
Up to 30 m shockproof
Up to 30 m shockproof