CLS, a leading satellite services provider and partner of the ocean sciences community for more than 30 years, will attend the 2019 Glider Days (la Journée Nationale Gliders) organized by the French National Committee for Glider Pilots (Comité National de Pilotage des Gliders – CNPG) on September 9-10th at Ifremer’s La Seyne-sur-Mer site.

Ocean gliders are important in-situ ocean observation platforms, that stand apart from other in-situ observation platforms because they are controlled by a pilot. They are extremely useful for observing the transition regions between open ocean and shelf seas. Other applications include sampling in shallow coastal areas, providing measurements in hazardous environments, operational monitoring of fronts and eddies – and more. Ocean gliders are equipped with sensors that measure temperature, pressure, salinity as well as bio-geochemical characterisitics.


Looking to the future of ocean applications with gliders

Members of the glider community, including researchers, engineers and technicians, will attend the 2019 Glider Days to focus on a number of topics, including how to use data collected by DT INSU glider park. CLS will attend this event to better understand the needs of the ocean glider community and contribute to its evolutions.


CLS services for ocean gliders

iridium service RUDICSCLS, partner of the ocean glider community, proposes Iridium airtime services for principal communications and Argos as a backup tracking system.

  • Iridium RUDICS airtime services:
    CLS provides Iridium airtime at competitive prices. Our offer is unparalleled, all data is backed up in our 24/7 operational data center, and accompanied by our world-renowned customer services.
  • Argos back-up tracking:
    Goniometer ARGOSMost gliders, USVs and AUVs, come with an Argos tracker as a backup. Several trackers options exist, with varied manufacturers: different shapes, sizes, attachment options, depth ratings, etc, exist. In addition, CLS is developing its own backup tracking device, to cater to the oceanography community.
  • Goniometer for instrument recovery:
    The Argos goniometer, with a long experience in equipment rescue, has been designed by CLS to specifically allow users to find active ARGOS PTTs in the field. This highly sensitive direction finder is an excellent tool for the field recovery of expensive ocean equipment using Argos as a backup communication system.

Photo credits: ProOceano, Alseamar, Enrique Vidal Vijande, IMEDEA/TMOOS


Read the IMOS testimony about using the Argos goniometer to recover a glider:

Australia’s Glider Lab recovers Glider with Argos back-up tracking