Every two years, the French ocean, atmosphere and continental surface ecosystem gathers to exchange on instrumentation and experimental research. This event, co-organized by Météo France, INSU, IFREMER, IRD, SHOM and CNES, is an important meeting for engineers, technicians, researchers and industry.

CLS, a supplier of satellite telemetry solutions (ARGOS, KINEIS & IRIDIUM services and equipment) and a key partner of the in-situ ocean observation community, is pleased to participate in this event in order to be as close as possible to this community of users and to be attentive to their needs in order to better meet them. CLS is also pleased to join the research community in Lille to learn about future missions and help plan tomorrow’s technical solutions.

24/7 data center

CLS operates a full set of systems to keep ground segments, networks, redundant data processing centers and storage servers operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week providing value-added services to the scientific community. CLS processes environmental data and positions from over 100,000+ beacons each month.

Satellite telemetry expertise

Our telemetry services are compatible with all applications and platform types. CLS offers all Iridium services (including CERTUS, a new generation of IRIDIUM services) as well as the Argos chipset and Kinéis module for tomorrow’s missions.

To learn more about our offer, CLS will present a poster and a 3-minute pitch on satellite telemetry services at AEI.

CLS is pleased to attend this event alongside the ocean, atmosphere and continental surface research community.


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