CLS , a satellite operator and partner of the ocean sciences community for more than 30 years, has been selected to exhibit at OceanObs 2019, the community-driven ocean conference that takes place every 10 years. At OceanObs, international experts will communicate on progress of ocean observing networks and discuss innovative solutions to society’s growing needs for ocean information. CLS is really proud to exhibit at this event, where only 55 companies and institutions have the privilege of exhibiting. This edition takes place in Honolulu, HI, from September 16-20th, 2019.  Please visit us at booth 306C!


Shaping the future of ocean sciences & applications

CLS at OceanObs19

CLS provides a range of airtime and value-added processing solutions to obtain remote, high frequency ocean observations from around the globe and has contributed to all the major international oceanography programs since 1986. Unique Argos service provider, world-renowned certified Iridium VAR, and shareholder for Kinéis, an IoT/satellite hybrid solution, CLS offers an unparalleled range of services topped by excellent support to ensure the future of ocean data telemetry.


Key partner for ocean data production

In addition, CLS is a world leader in Altimetry data processing, and collaborates with ocean observing systems (such as ARGO) in order to validate & calibrate in-situ measurements.

Our group of 90+ oceanographers produce data for the major European and international ocean data networks, such as Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service, Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) and AVISO and DUACs with the French Space Agency, CNES.

Please discover some of our most recent scientific publications about the quality of our ocean data products:


Contributing to the future of in-situ ocean observation

CLS is also a leading project manager, breaking new ground in ocean observations by combining satellite telemetry expertise, in-situ measurements, and cross calibration/validation with satellite measurements, an expertise which is demonstrated in the following projects:

  • MELOA (H2020): wave drifters & satellite altimetry data
  • TRUSTED (COPERNICUS/EUMETSAT funded): high resolution in-situ SST on SVP drifters & satellite SST


The future of satellite telemetry

On our booth, CLS will display and promote the future of Satellite Telemetry, with two major revolutions in this critical sector:

  • Kinéis, a subsidiary of CLS, that will add 25 nanosatellites to the ARGOS constellation in 2022, with miniaturized transmitters (already available), opening a new era in satellite telemetry solutions for low-power and low-cost systems,
  • Iridium Next, the new generation of Iridium satellites that gave birth to a new set of services, allowing greater data speeds and facilitating data exchange protocols for autonomous systems, such as gliders, AUVs, and USVs, which are a growing component of the overall ocean observing systems.


CLS & OceanObs 2019

CLS will largely contribute to the overall missions of OceanObs’19 by:

  • Showing how the evolutions of satellite Telemetry systems can improve current ocean observing systems, as well as be an essential part of the design of a new generation of autonomous instruments designed to transmit more data more efficiently.
  • Providing dedicated services to make ocean & atmosphere observations more accessible to the community.
  • Promoting novel projects that we lead or are part of, where the primary goal is to push innovation in ocean observing systems, with a unique coupled in-situ / satellite approach, that will give birth to new generations of instruments, designed to measure the ocean in a more efficient and integrated manner.