Every year since 2012, the Oceanic Platform of the Canary Islands, PLOCAN, has organized a Glider School. The objective is to train university students as well technicians and other professionals in theoretical and practical abilities and skills concerning underwater vehicles.

This week-long training course will take place from September 30th-October 4th, 2019, in Las Palmas, Spain. CLS, a leading satellite services provider (Argos and Iridium hardware and services) and partner of the ocean sciences community for more than 30 years, is pleased to attend this event, to exchange knowledge and best practices, and be part of the international glider ecosystem.

Photo courtesy of PLOCAN

An international event

This year, 14 students hailing from eight countries have been selected to attend the Glider School. Their classes will be held in the classroom as well as in the Glider Lab. The coursework will include hands’ on demonstrations and exchanges regarding innovations and best practices. On Wednesday, October 2nd, CLS will lead a session on Glider Telemetry.

Thank you, PLOCAN, for organizing this event!

CLS services for ocean gliders

CLS, partner of the ocean glider community, proposes Iridium airtime services for principal communications and Argos as a backup tracking system.

Iridium RUDICS airtime services

CLS provides Iridium airtime at competitive prices. Our offer is unparalleled, all data is backed up in our 24/7 operational data center, and accompanied by our world-renowned customer services.

iridium service RUDICS logo

Argos back-up tracking

Most gliders, USVs and AUVs, come with an Argos tracker as a backup, which can be used in case of a problem with the main communication system, Iridium. Several trackers options exist, with varied manufacturers: different shapes, sizes, attachment options, depth ratings, etc, exist. In addition, CLS is developing its own backup tracking device, to cater to the oceanography community.


Goniometer for instrument recovery

The Argos goniometer, with a long experience in equipment rescue, has been designed by CLS to specifically allow users to find active Argos PTTs in the field. This highly sensitive direction finder is an excellent tool for the quick recovery of expensive ocean equipment – and all the precious data recorded onboard – using Argos as a backup communication system. Click here to read the IMOS testimony about recovering a glider with the goniometer – just in time to prevent a glider collision with a cargo ship!

Learn more about the importance of ocean gliders to observing systems in this testimony from Francisco Dos Santos of Prooceano, and 2014 Glider School attendee:

On the importance of underwater gliders for ocean observations