Solène Routaboul is our resident Ocean Telemetry Expert at CLS France. But, what exactly does that entail? We caught up with Solène to find out.

Solène, before we start, tell us about yourself

My name is Solène ROUTABOUL. I have been working at CLS Group (I am based in Toulouse, France) for 6 years.

I spent my first two years in a work-study program, so I know CLS Group’s solutions and user needs well.

I have been specializing in satellite telemetry for oceanographic and meteorological applications for 4 years.

As our resident ocean telemetry expert, you take care of users and find solutions to meet their needs. How do you do this?

In order to best respond to the needs of our users I coordinate with all the transversal teams (administrative team, user support, logistics, etc.) so that we are as reactive and efficient as possible.

Communication, at the group level, is one of the keys to our success. We are fortunate to have an international team because our group has +900 people spread over 34 sites in the world to be closer to each of our users.

I also continually keep up to date on the oceanography and meteorology markets so I’m always aware of the market evolutions and needs.

Finally, I collaborate with our technical experts and work hand in hand with our users, to develop new value-added solutions to always meet the new needs of our users.

CLS Group world map
CLS monitoring center

Finally, what do you like most about your job?

What I like most is taking care of each of our users and their satisfaction is my greatest reward.

For this, as mentioned before, I work with an international team to which I have to adapt every day. I especially like working with a multicultural team, because they obviously have different ways of thinking from mine, and this is enriching.

So, thanks to different approaches, I feel that our team has a better chance of solving complex problems by looking at them from different angles and offering different quality solutions to our users. I think multicultural teams are much more open-minded and adaptable than homogeneous teams.

Finally, I also appreciate the fact that I work on subjects that aim to study the planet and protect it as well as possible, because it is in total adequacy with my values, and it gives meaning to my daily missions.

Do you have a question for Solène? Get in touch! She’ll be happy to advise you.