The CLS Telemetry team will attend the Ocean Business trade fair in Southampton, UK, from April 9th-11th. Our teams will be present on Booth A12. Stop by to discuss your upcoming projects and we will tell you more about our range of satellite telemetry products & services.

Unique Argos services provider

CLS, unique provider of the ARGOS satellite telemetry system, offers a full range of ARGOS products and services.

Leading Iridium services provider

CLS is a world leader Iridium services provider with competitive pricing and unmatched expertise worldwide, providing the full range of airtime services (SBD, RUDICS, etc.) and products (modems, antenna), as well as engineering support & expertise for integration.

Transforming ocean observation networks

Discover our work in European-funded projects to improve ocean observation networks:

Helping you recover expensive equipment

The Argos goniometer has been designed by CLS to specifically allow users to find active Argos PTTs in the field.

  • High detection range (tested up to 100 km)
  • Great for testing, platform recovery, and getting your data in real-time
  • 50h autonomy, waterproof & rugged design

Enriching tracking data with a range of contextual data sets

For over 30 years, CLS has provided state-of-the-art ocean data sets to scientific and institutional clients. CLS proposes a range of online data visualization solutions, based on the type of data you want to view.