As a worldwide leader in ocean data collection and satellite Earth Observation, CLS can design and deploy integrated systems for marine meteorology. Our experts help institutional clients make the best choice regarding in-situ equipment, deployment, satellite earth observation, data processing & numerical modelling, as well as data fusion & dissemination.

CLS, a subsidiary of the French Space Agency (CNES), ARDIAN & IFREMER, is a worldwide company and pioneer provider of monitoring and surveillance solutions for the Earth and its oceans since 1986. Our mission is to deploy innovative satellite-based monitoring solutions to understand and protect our planet, and to manage its resources sustainably.

CLS processes environmental data and positions from over 100,000+ beacons each month, as well as ocean observations from environmental satellites. CLS uses over 80 satellite instruments on a daily basis, to provide a large variety of value-added services to institutes, governments, agencies, companies, NGOs, and European agencies.

CLS, partner of major international oceanographic initiatives

As exclusive operator of the Argos satellite telemetry system since 1986, and certified Iridium value-added reseller since 2007, CLS has been working with the operational ocean community for more than 30 years and operates a full set of systems to keep ground segments, networks, redundant data processing centers and storage servers operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, our team of 90 in-house satellite oceanographers produce validated data sets that are used for operational oceanography and marine forecasting by international institutions such as Mercator Ocean.

Operational oceanography and marine meteorology

Since 1986, CLS has been an important partner of major international oceanography programs such as the Data Buoy Cooperation Panel (DBCP) and Argo, acquiring, processing and preparing datasets for information networks shared by meteorology professionals around the world (via WMO’s Global Telecommunications System – GTS).  CLS is an expert in the in-situ ocean observation platforms that contribute to marine meteorology, including gliders, drifting buoys, moored buoys, profiling floats, and Automatic Weather Stations, and can deploy these networks around the globe. Our expertise also includes ocean data assimilation from remote sensing (sea surface temperature, sea surface height, ocean currents) into a number of ocean numerical models. Our oceanographic data are used within atmospheric models for weather forecasting.

Systems integrator

CLS operates a world-class data center at its headquarters in Toulouse and is able to deploy similar data centers around the world, designing the information infrastructure, servers, and security measures necessary to ensure system operations.

Training & capacity building

But our job does not stop after delivering integrated systems and operational data centers. CLS helps to implement integrated ocean observing systems and that includes training, capacity building and technology transfer.

With over 750 employees worldwide, CLS specializes in integrating systems end-to-end: from ground segment stations, to observation networks, to processing centers, 365/24/7 operations, data fusion & dissemination, and training.

We provide operational services based on satellite & in-situ data to help institutions & industry understand and prepare for the future, including extreme events, ocean & coastal management, and climate resiliency.

Our offer

  • In-situ ocean observing systems (material, deployment and expertise)
  • Satellite airtime
  • Satellite Earth Observation
  • Data processing, assimilation and QC
  • Monitoring 365/24/7
  • GTS processing (WMO network)
  • Engineering support
  • Data fusion and dissemination
  • Training, capacity building and technology transfer

Our references

Our references
Operational oceanography and marine meteorology references.