Bright future for Argos

Kinéis: A revolution in Argos satellite telemetry in 2022

Argos is a historic data collection and positioning system, dedicated to studying and protecting the environment. Since 1978, it has been governed through a partnership between national and international institutions such as NOAA, NASA, CNES, ISRO and EUMETSAT.

Thanks to this collaborative partnership, the Argos system has evolved to respond to user needs for nearly 40 years. In order to maintain and improve the current system, five new launches are planned by the international space agencies that govern Argos between 2019 and 2036.

But a major revolution is in site for the Argos system with Kineis, a subsidiary of CLS and CNES created in 2019. Kineis is building the first constellation of nanosatellites with Argos instruments onboard. This constellation will be put into orbit in 2021 and become operational in 2022.

Future of Argos

More satellites, more data, more quickly

  • Fully Argos-4 compatible
  • Retro-compatible with all generations of Argos platforms
  • A new era in satellite telemetry solutions based on low-power and low-cost
Kinéis characteristics

How to get ready  for Kinéis & Argos-4

Kinéis starter kit
Kinéis starter kit

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