CLS’ Telemetry team recently held a webinar announcing their new range of universal trackers, the Argos Linkit Series.

Re-useable and designed with respect to the environment, Linkit® can be adapted to all oceanographic platforms.

Once connected, your instruments are tracked, easy to recover and the risk of loss is reduced.

CLS presents: The Argos Linkit Series

Autonomous platforms measuring the ocean are increasingly complex, expensive, and fragile.

By developing the Linkit® series, a range of universal satellite trackers that are both affordable & easy to use, CLS provides you with more security for your equipment and ensures you get more from your ocean network.

Linkit Series

How can Linkit fit my needs?

The range includes three different trackers (Linkits Under water, Surface box and Core) that offer a variety of features for:

  • Equipment Recovery
  • Equipment Monitoring
  • Environmental Tracking

However, if you are looking to use Linkit differently, we would be pleased to hear from you and see how we can adapt Linkit to suit you.

Watch the Presentation Webinar