Last June 6 extraordinary sportswomen left Monaco on prone paddleboards and successfully paddled an incredible 1,800 km to Athens.

Thanks to the Argos system, the Linkit Surface Box and the Goniometer, CLS was able to accompany and ensure the safety of these women throughout their journey in which they faced violent storms, headwinds and even a shark!

A unique world challenge

The Cap Optimist expedition is a non-stop relay crossing of around 8,000km on a prone paddleboard between Peru and Moorea.

Planned to take place in the winter of 2023, the challenge aims to raise money for sick children and is organized by the association HOPE TEAM EAST.

Before embarking in this challenging and risky journey, the water women recently did a test run from Monaco to Athens to help them prepare.

With this in mind, CLS decided to reach out to Cap Optimist and offer our assistance.

What is the Prone Paddleboard?

First seen in the 1920’s & 30’s, the prone paddleboard was used by lifeguards to rescue bathers in difficulty.

Now a sport, it consists of using a specific board made for paddling and moving around using your arms whilst kneeling or lying down – very different from the stand-up paddle which is practiced using an oar.

The Linkit SurfaceBox:
an unlikely ally

During the test crossing, to first ensure the safety of the paddlers as well as the catamaran crew, CLS provided Cap Optimist with 2 Linkit Surface Box and a goniometer. The paddlers were also connected via argos to the rest of the world so we could see their progress in near real-time.

During the crossing these internationally titled athletes experienced epic conditions. They endured storms, faced swells of more than 2 meters, not to mention a few unexpected encounters with a shark!

Linkit SurfaceBox

Cap Optimist states, “These extraordinary conditions have certainly tested the morale of the sportswomen but have allowed to highlight an excellent team cohesion, both among themselves and with the crew, an important and determining factor for the good progress of the final project this winter: to join Peru to French Polynesia, 8,000 km this time.

Once again, a huge thank you to this company for its expertise, its professionalism and its kindness in providing us with all this equipment for our safety.”